You can contact us through
heather@hmaliteraryagency.comWe look forward to hearing from you.


We are happy to read new work from potential clients. To submit your work, please follow the guidelines below.

We only take on books and authors that resonate with the agency and where there is a good fit with your requirements and ambitions.

We do make a note of reading all submissions that are received and the submissions and acceptance process is designed to ensure that we provide as swift a service as possible. Do please help us to help you by following the guidelines below.

The HMA Literary Agency specialises in good quality fiction and narrative non-fiction and will be pleased to accept manuscripts for consideration.  Please note, we are unable to accept poetry nor play and film scripts although we do represent our authors interests in this field.

International Authors
With a base in UK, India and Canada we are happy to consider all international authors writing in English particularly from these countries.

Submitting work
With a goal to be environmentally responsible please submit your work by email only.  Even though we require a sample of your work please ensure your manuscript is completed in full prior to submission as below.

Please make the subject heading of the email your name and book title. Do keep your message short and include a description of the book (no more than 25 words).

Please attach in one word document the first three chapters together with a short synopsis of the story and a word count for the whole book.

Non Fiction
Please attach in one word document a proposal highlighting what the book is about, the first three chapters, and a short biography of the authors/s outlining why you are the best person to write this book, the original research undertaken for the book, any competing literature and how your book differs.

Send your email to

Do not send your full manuscript until invited to do so. Do not send any photographs, maps or scanned material as they will overload our system and prevent us from accessing your email.

Whilst every care is taken with your submission the HMA Literary Agency cannot accept any responsibility for any material you send to us.

Phone Calls
Please do not call to find out how we are getting on with your submission. We will let you know that your submission has arrived within 48 hours. If you do not hear from us with this acknowledgement please resubmit. We aim to read your submission and reply to you within 8 weeks although we cannot guarantee this - our priority goes to our existing clients. Phoning for an update only prevents us from meeting these deadlines. Thank you for your understanding.

And Finally
Do not be disheartened if we do not take on your work - just because it is not right for us does not mean an agent and publisher isn't waiting out there for your best seller.We look forward to hearing from you.Good luck!