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Marilyn Livingstone

The Road to Crecy

Five kings rode onto the battlefield at Crécy-en-Pronthieu on 13 August 1346. By the time the fighting was over, one of them was dead and two more were wounded. Only one, Edward III of England, remained victorious on the battlefield. Against overwhelming odds, his hungry, exhausted army had won a battle that shocked Europe.

Bringing the story to life are the many personalities involved; not only the kings and nobles, but ordinary men-at-arms, archers, non-combatants, and even King Edward’s bank manager, who accompanied him to war. This is the story of the Crécy campaign, in all its triumph and tragedy.

'An excellent read...For the general reader this book has great drama...For the Historian there is careful research and diligent reconstruction well presented. For the soldiers there are issues of leadership, engineering and logistics to contemplate. Something for everyone.'

The British Army Review