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Epic Fantasy
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David Hair

Ascendant's Rite

Moontide Quartet

The stunning conclusion to the Moontide Quartet Series The end of the Moontide draws near, and the seas will soon engulf the Leviathan Bridge, separating East and West again for another twelve years. The people of the East have been locked in a furious battle for their independence with the armies of the Third Crusade, and Emperor Constant is preparing the final phase of his plan to conquer them completely. Failed mage Alaron and his companion Ramita have lost the key to the Rie of Ascendancy, the Scytale of Corineus, to the hands of their deadliest enemies. Time is running out for them to retrieve ti, and with it, their only chance of saving the world from ultimate destruction. The time has coeme of the Rite of Ascendancy to be performed. New powers must rise to save - or damn - the magical world of Urte; and whatever fate befalls it, all will be decided on the mighty span of the Leviathan Bridge.

'A taut network  of intrigue and mystery.'

Publishers Weekly