8th House
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Richard King

Accounting for Crime

Robert Scroyle C.A., is the senior partner at Scroyle, Caitiff, Rudisbe and Spavin. He is married, has a girlfriend or two and is no stranger to a shady tax strategy that’s just this side of legal. Now life is about to get a lot more complicated.Renzo Villiago is the founder of Ravishing Cosmetics, one of Scroyle’s most important clients. He has to find a business to buy that will solve what he sees as an accounting problem.

Agustinho Bastinhado is an underworld figure with a big problem: too much cash. He has to hide it somewhere fast. Scroyle has to make both men happy or lose his business, maybe even his life.

In a story that plays out on the streets of Montreal and in boardrooms populated by characters who are eerily familiar to anyone who’s ever been in a downtown office building, Scroyle’s life spins out of control and begins to unravel. Kidnapping, undercover police operations, the netherworld of organised crime, a love story gone sour—this is not what a man who deals in certainties is meant to deal with.