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Richard King

A Brush with Death

Sam Wiseman is back to investigate murder and mystery in Montreal! For fans of Agatha Christie and M.C. Beaton, A Brush With Death part of  The Bookshop Mysteries, a captivating murder mystery series by Richard King.

When a famous author is murdered, bookshop owner and wannabe sleuth, Sam Wiseman, once again finds himself drawn into the investigation. 

Reuniting with Detective Gaston Lemieux, it seems that the investigative duo have their work cut out, and as they delve deeper into the case, they uncover criminals who will do anything to protect their secrets . . .

'The plot is pure whodunnit.' 

The Globe and Mail

'Crisply written and captivating in its plot twists.' 

Times Colonist

' . . . keeps its reader guessing until the very end. The books grabs hold of the reader's attention quickly and never lets go. It remains engaging, fast-paced and finely written throughout.' 

The Chronicle-Herald