Morgen Witzel

With over twenty-five published books sold around the world, Morgen Witzel has established an international reputation for innovative thinking and clear incisive writing on management issues in books, newspaper columns, journal articles and online forae.

He writes for many publications and his work has appeared in places as diverse as the Financial Times, the Toronto Globe and Mail, the Los Angeles Times, European Business Forum, EFMD Global Forum, Financial World, The Smart Manager, Finance+Management and others.  Many of his books have been translated including into French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi and Tamil. Two of those books, Doing Business in China and Tata: The Evolution of a Corporate Brand, have been international best-sellers; the former is now in its third edition.

Morgen Witzel is a Fellow of the Exeter Leadership Centre at the University of Exeter Business School, University of Exeter (UK) where he lectures on the MBA programme. He also lectures at business schools in Edinburgh, Nantes and Ljubljana, and has previously taught at London Business School. He is a trustee of EDP, a Devon-based addiction treatment charity, and of Libraries Unlimited, the social enterprise that runs Devon's libraries.

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