David Hair

David Hair is the New Zealand-based author of four major fantasy series. Two series for young adults:  The Aotearoa Series, a six book YA series set in New Zealand and The Return of Ravana set in India.  Both series include award winning books.

The Moontide Quartet, is an epic fantasy adventure, written for adults.

‘So epic, that it gets you so involved and is such an investment in time and emotion, that there is a little sting of regretthat the ending had to come at all.’

British Fantasy Society on the Moontide Quartet

Fans, have no fear….The Sunsurge Quartet is based in the same world and ‘Empress of the Fall’ was published in March 2017.  The second book in this quartet is set to release in March 2018.

‘For anyone looking for a new sprawling fantasy epic to stick their teeth into, Empress Of The Fall is an ultimately satisfying journey into a fascinating and chaotic landscape.’


David’s latest teen novel, 1916: Dig for Victory, will be a finalist in the Young Adult section of the 2017 New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults taking place on 14 August, 2017.

David is a Kiwi currently living in Bangkok, Thailand with his lovely wife Kerry, and has two children Brendan & Melissa.  David has a BA (History and Classical Studies) from Victoria University, Wellington. His time living in Europe and India, his education and life experience, lend his fantasy series authenticity and vividly realised richness.


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